About My Work

My great-grandfather, Archibald Stark Van Orden, was an amazing person, who lived an extraordinary life. In his teenage years, he served as an infantry soldier and as a cavalry rider in the United States Army during the Civil War.

I have always thrilled at his exploits, as told to me on my grandmother’s knee, and from Archie’s letters, as well as his relics which I inherited.

My labor of love during my own twilight years is to author the book inspired by what he encountered, experienced and dared.
Union Cavalryman

Long-kept family secrets of Archie’s service to his nation will finally be revealed.         Prepare to be astounded and enthralled.

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  3. Looking forward to it.

  4. As a history buff/perpetual student I stand in awe of your project and can’t wait to start enjoying its fruits. Good luck on this journey. Liz

  5. Good luck John. Have two brothers who are big Civil War book readers. I’ll one day be able to add yours to their collection.

    • Thanks! Beyond the Civil War, there’s something for almost everyone:
      Are you a fan of Coming-of-Age Tales? Check.
      Are you a fan of Action Adventures? Check.
      Are you a fan of Affairs-of-The-Heart? Check.
      Are you a fan of Surprising Revelations? Double Check.

  6. I just love history, John. When will the book be out in print? (No pressure)!

    • Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much for your interest. My current writing schedule anticipates publishing by Christmas 2014. I know that sounds like a long time from now. But please continue visiting my blog for regular updates and highlights on the home page.

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  8. Patrick Schroeder

    Hello Mr. Bowman, I’d like to discuss your ancestor. I am the historian at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. Do you have a photo of him in uniform that we can put on our “Wall of Honor”? My e-mail is patrick_schroeder@nps.gov and phone # is 434-352-8987 Ext. 232. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

    Patrick Schroeder

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