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Sometime important that happened in Archie’s life.

Cavalryman Archibald Stark Van Orden

Enlisted October 18, 1863 at Greenburgh, NY in the 16th Cavalry, also known as the “Sprague Light Cavalry.” The term “light” meant their regiment did not use horse-drawn artillery, but was intended instead for reconnaissance and raids.

At that time, Archie could legally enlist at age 18. His face, while still beardless, indicates his readiness for battle after his previous infantry service. Perhaps we also see an expression of confidence in a young man who survived war wounds.

Cavalryman Archibald Van Orden

Private Archibald Stark Van Orden

Enlisted January 27, 1862 at  New York City in Company D of 12th Infantry Regiment. Archie was only 16 when he joined the Union Army. That was two years younger than the legal age. His reasons and methods of enlisting will be revealed in my book. Meanwhile, his beardless face speaks to his youth, while his expression shows seriousness of intent, with perhaps a hint of fear in his eyes.

Private Archibald Van Orden